Game Industry Services

CowBell Games™ offers a wide variety of services related to entertainment, including:

Creating Games You Want

A quick glance at https://www.mobygames.com/developer/sheet/view/developerId,7661/ shows just some of the types of products CowBell Games' founder has helped design and bring to market.

CowBell Games works with a well-curated network of trusted partner studios and individuals, most top experts in their disciplines and often at discounted rates.

Industry Agent & Troubled Project Recovery Services

Industry Agent Services - With decades of sourcing some of the best properties, groups and talented individuals with just the right fit for the need, CowBell Games bridges your networking gaps and gets the products you want made - made well.

Troubled Project Recovery Services - A sad but true reality, too many projects get started and wander off the ranch. We make rapid, in-depth assessments, identify the issues at hand without bias and provide full recovery plans to get products to meet required specifications and/or fixed release schedules.

Motion Capture, Film, Audio Recording & Talent Direction

If it needs to be captured, CowBell Games knows how to do it.

In his tenure at both Electronic Arts and Acclaim Entertainment, CowBell's founder - James T. Johnson, participated in some of the earliest motion capture trials and utilization in gaming, a leading voice in establishing technical solutions, facility design, and methodologies allowing talent to better acclimate to what is still quite a foreign environment to most people.

Motion data, film, blue screen, music, audio effects, voice, you name it - the staff and partners of CowBell Games have produced and directed it all to stunning quality! We can take you step-by-step through any part of a capture session or shoot, from initial planning, to full block-out, to facilitation, to direction, to post-production, to implementation and tuning, and any portion thereof.

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