Welcome to CowBellGames.com!

CowBell Games™, its founder and partners have been designing, creating and managing interactive software for several decades. We create and consult for industry giants including Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple, Amazon, Activision, Electronic Arts and others. We also provide ongoing market trend and technology consultation with top investment firms.

We are ideally positioned to create engaging Original Intellectual Properties, as well as collaborate on select Existing Properties. The Talent and Partners of CowBell Games draw from years of successfully interfacing with major Hollywood Studios, Record Labels, Actors, Musicians, Professional Athletes and Leagues, and other distinguished individuals and entities. Extensive multi-national experience and networks serve to place the studio at the forefront in existing and emerging markets, having especially strong inroads to Southeast Asia Territories, including; Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea and elsewhere.

CowBell Games is also uniquely positioned with all major hardware manufacturers, software publishers and developers, and licensing agencies to meet a wide variety of game and consumer entertainment product creation needs.

While we continue working on original projects, we certainly keep an open mind toward working with great partners on brands we love. If your organization has a property needing quality software to represent it in the marketplace, a little CowBell may be just the prescription!

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